Episode 3: Tom Shreckinger Of Chateau D’Esclans

Chateau D’Esclans is probably the most recognized name in Rosé wine. The vision of Sacha Lichine to create a Provence Rosé which is definitive of the new style of Rosé wines – bright, fresh, crisp and ready for the summer table – has been executed flawlessly. Both in terms of wine quality and marketing acumen, everything about Chateau D’Esclans is done with an eye for perfection.

Along with the late Patrick Léon, the extremely talented and experienced winemaker behind the success story, Sacha Lichine consciously set out on the mission to make D’Esclans the embodiment and definition of Provence Rosé. The technology in the winery is cutting edge, the vineyards have been cultured for the singular purpose of producing great Rosé and the art of blending is applied to make sure the summer party scene will love these Rosé wines.

Tom Scheckinger, the Director of Communications at Chateau D’Esclans, tells us about the history and the philosophy of this modern wine success story. And if you ask me (even if the Skype sound quality is not great) anyone who can give us insights into the wonderful world of Rosé wine is definitely someone worth listening to. Love Provence, love Rosé wine!

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