Episode 2: Frederic Chaudiere Of Chateau Pesquié

An interview with the affable and gregarious Frederic Chaudiere of Chateau Pesquié – a marvelous winery in the Ventoux region of the Rhone valley.

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The Rhône Valley produces many of the best wines in the world. But it is challenging to find the true gems among the vast array of good quality wines. To make matters even more challenging the Rhône is a complex set of wine appellations and sub-appellations. But the search rewards the intrepid and determined wine lover.

Chateau Pesquié embodies the rewards of exploring the Rhône more than just about any other winery. For starters, the Ventoux wine region is just recently hitting the wine map in terms of the tremendous quality it produces. Historically the grapes were sold into cooperatives and high quality was disguised in the overall mix. Chateau Pesquié is one of a handful of wineries that have seized on the incredible terroir and potential of this region to produce extraordinarily good wines at the estate level.. So this is a voyage of wine discovery that any adventurous wine drinker will love.

Moreover, the wine collector-level quality of this wine comes with an amazing surprise. The entry-level Terrasses wine costs less than $20! This is a wine that can age and be savoured as it develops and evolves over the years but it costs a fraction of some similar quality competitors.

The story of the Chaudiere family and their journey to producing estate wines outside of the cooperative system and the evolution of the estate to today, where the brothers Frederic and Alexandre are now running Chateau Pesquié is a portrait in how winemaking evolves and creates new dimensions in wine, even in a region as old as the Rhône valley.

Join us for this very enjoyable chat with the charming and gregarious Fred Chaudiere. And if you can ever visit the strikingly beautiful Ventoux region you will love it – for the food, the wine, the pretty villages and the valley itself.

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 Rhone Valley Region Map
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Rhone Valley Region Map Ventoux – Rhone Valley Map

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