Cocktails with Winemakers Instalment 1 – The Harvest Decision with Felix Egerer

This is our inaugural episode of the new series of podcasts called Cocktails with Winemakers. In the “Cocktails” series we have a few drinks and a fireside chat with a winemaker to get a glimpse into the nitty-gritty of the winemaking process. We don’t want to get technical – we just want to chew the fat about the hands-on steps in winemaking to illuminate the magic and mystery of wine!

Join Felix Egerer and I for this first instalment. Follow-ups in the next few weeks will include “The Crush – Chaos on the Crushpad” and “Fermentation – The Sugar to Alcohol Miracle”

Tantalus Vineyards makes amazing Riesling, Pinot Noir, Sparkling wine,
a smashing Rosé and more. Visit
Felix has a few tractors and if you follow him on IG you’ll see he often drives them at night
Experimental insect habitat for the vineyard – some wood with holes drilled in!
Felix and Craig

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