Episode 5: A Chat With Euripides Katsaros Of Ktima Katsaros

Domaine Katsaros produces powerful, compelling wines in a unique location on the flanks of Mount Olympus. The winemaker/proprietor, Euripides Katsaros, is an example of how a new generation of Greek winemakers is focused on growing quality wine in the vineyard and carefully crafting world-class wines.

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A conversation with one of Greece’s most respected winemakers – in a unique and striking location on the flanks of Mt. Olympus.

It wasn’t easy to get there but I’ll never forget my visit to Ktima Katsaros. Driving up the switchback road through the small villages on the way to this winery perched on a mountainside is an amazing experience. And it clarifies one thing in very stark terms – Greece is not all about warm climate wines and Greece’s wine terroir is much more varied than you can imagine. Here, high on the flanks of Mount Olympus, the seat of those mad, unpredictable, life-loving Gods of ancient Greece, is a wine terroir that is practically unique. With a cooler climate, a commanding aspect of the Northern Aegean sea as you float above the valley and the Mediterranean coast, the Katsaros family winery is absolutely pristine.

Join us to hear the story of how the family developed this winery and how their passion for the wines superceded the other activities and professions they pursued. How compelling is it when a father throws his passion into viticulture and his sons then study winemaking at the best universities in the world in order to take the passion, the science and the art of winemaking to a completely new level?

Euripides Katsaros is now famous throughout Greece for his singular dedication to quality and wines of long-aging potential. His wines are not easy to find outside Greece – but if you are in New York, LA or London then look for his wines. The Chardonnay is amazing and can be drunk now or aged. The red varietals, Merlot and Cabernet/Merlot blend can be aged for several years. An absolutely unique wine experience for the Mountain of the Olympian Gods!

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