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Château Rimauresq – “R” de Rimauresq/Rimauresq Classique 2017

Another standard-bearer for classic Provence rosé and great quality. Delicious, delicate, completely drinkable on a summer day and then into the evening and then into the night.

Origin: Côtes de Provence, France



Bois de la Neuve 2017

Light pink to almost being white, this is fruity and floral with good perfume. An oh-so-slightly sweeter expression of Provence rosé, but very good for the price.

Origin: Coteaux Varois en Provence, France



Quail’s Gate Estate Rosé

The best of BC rosé. Light-ish pink with very lovely crisp fruit perfume, well balanced and very refreshing. This rosé has brightness, but also complexity and is something to be bought by the case.

Origin: British Columbia, Canada



Meyer Family Vineyards Rosé

Rosé made by the saignée method from Pinot Noir. Strawberry and marshmallow and some herbal aromas, with a very fresh and light taste at the front, leading to a more full finish. Excellent.

Origin: British Columbia, Canada



Culmina Family Estate Winery Saignée 2017

A bit more expensive, but a really classy rosé with orange zest, strawberry and spring flowers on the nose and lots of interesting fruit like grapefruit and raspberry. Very Provence.

Origin: British Columbia, Canada